“Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things,
man will not himself find peace” - Albert Schweitzer

Valerie Bittner, ESQ.

Licensed in Excellent Standing Since 1989

Human Law

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Estate Planning

My comprehensive and precise estate planning devices and techniques for the disposition of small and medium size estates involve tax-favorable wills and trusts (human and companion animal), guardianships to protect minor children and vulnerable adults, beneficiary designation, general and durable powers of appointment, last directives, as well as diversified property ownership planning.

Property Transactions

My firm can provide you with a wide variety of agreements (e.g., purchase and sale, tenancy in common, water right ownership, lease, declaration of covenants and conditions), deeds (e.g., grant, warranty, quitclaim), financing forms (e.g., deed of trust with promissory note, notice of security interest, assignment of rents and profits), and easement forms (e.g., generic access easement, mutual cross-access easement) which are expertly drafted and integrate seamlessly with your existing and future legal objectives.

Chapter 7 and 13 Personal Bankruptcy

By filing for bankruptcy, clients, under my careful navigation through the pre-petitions and court procedures, are able to obtain the justice they deserve with the least amount of stress possible. Relief under Chapter 7 includes total discharge of unsecured debt and foreclosure avoidance, and a stop to collection agency harassment. Relief under Chapter 13 includes debt restructuring, facilitating the pay-off of state and federal taxes, student loans, traffic tickets and other driving restricting fines.

Elder Law

My senior clients can expect to have their housing, retirement planning, governmental entitlement (e.g., medicare, social security, supplemental security income), disability, guardianship, special needs trust, conservatorship, long term care insurance, advanced health care and financial directives, hospice, fiduciary appointment, and estate planning matters handled with compassion and dedication to affordable, comprehensive results.

Personal Injury

I aggressively represent my personal injury claimants when hurt by the negligence of others. I have a record of securing large settlements with major insurance companies. Common claims involve automobile and bicycle collisions, slips, trips, and falls on third-party premises, defamation, physical and mental assault, and violations of federally protected civil rights.

Environmental Law

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Utilizing my experienced understanding of a complex and interlocking body of treaties, federal and state statutes, regulations, and common law that operates to regulate the interaction of humanity and the natural world, I negotiate and advocate on behalf of my clients, whether through consultation, preparation of position papers for hearing boards, petitions to list endangered appeals, administrative appeals, or law suits, to ameliorate the adverse impacts of human activity on endangered species in and around public forests and sensitive rivers and streams. Additionally, I advise landowners regarding environmental and land-use compliance issues.

Animal Law

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Animal law permeates many "traditional" legal realms – including tort, property, contract, creditor-debtor, criminal, civil rights and constitutional law, as well as cutting edge areas of law concerning exploited animals for entertainment purposes, where creative theory development skills are necessary. Practical examples include:

  • Veterinary malpractice with resulting injury or death
  • Custody disputes over animal guardianship in separation, divorce, and dissolution of partner ship agreements
  • Issues surrounding service dogs and housing discrimination under the American Disabilities Act
  • Therapy Animal Certification
  • The wrongful death or injury to a companion animal by third parties, including kennels and law enforcement officers
  • Defending against citations and/or impoundment under the auspices of animal control authorities
  • Petitions and litigation on behalf of zoo and circus captive held animals

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